Monday, July 11, 2016

Are You REALLY a Writer?

 How many times have you heard this statement from someone?

“My mother/friend/sister/groundhog in my backyard told me I should write a book.”

Well, maybe not the groundhog part (that would be a book in itself), but all of us at one point or another have been told that we should write a book.

And why?

Because we all have a story to tell.

One of the magnificent things about writing is that it is all-inclusive; you don’t have to have an advanced degree to be creative and you don’t have to be an expert in anything but your own mind.  You don’t have to pay employees or ask anyone else’s opinion about what you’re doing. 

Your thoughts and ideas are what drive the project, your determination is what gets it done.

But are you REALLY a writer?

We all know that it’s easy to come up with an idea for a book and probably everyone has at some point in their lives thought, “I should really write this down.”

The difference between you and those people who have that fleeting thought is that your idea is keeping you up at night.  It visits you during the day as you sit in meetings at work.  It’s like a nagging child that won’t leave you alone until you pay it some attention.

So...why don’t you?

So many people, when they’re told they should write a book, often answer with, “But I’m not a writer.”

I’ve got news for you.

If you’re one of those people who has an idea that just won’t let go of you…you already are.

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