Friday, July 8, 2016

Violence, Fear, and Crappy Leadership: My Proposal to Save the Country

So, I've come to a decision...and I think you'll like it.

Now, this has come about after thinking about the problems in the world and our country (mainly our country - the entire world is thinking about it, too).  I'm pretty sure that many people are asking themselves the same question I am:

How in the hell did we get to this point?

Violence, fear, crappy leadership...the list goes on and on.

I've actually wondered if my generation is to blame, but I don't think it is.


Sorry Mom and Dad, but it's your generation that's screwing us up right now (not specifically my mom and dad. Please don't send them hate mail).  It's mainly people your age running for office and making the rules.  We're dealing with the fallout of years of hatred because that was what was taught to people my age when they were kids.  And the cycle is just going to repeat itself.

A while back I was having a discussion with my kids about the presidential race.  I was pleased that they had collectively come to a decision about who they would vote for if they were allowed to.

"Will you vote for us?" they asked. 

How could I say no to that?

Back then it got me to thinking that we should lower the voting about 10 years old.  After all, it's this generation who is going to inherit all of our problems that will take forever to solve.Why not get started now?  Adults who reach a certain age will stop voting due to the new "you had your chance to make the world better and you blew it" law.  The kids should take over.

And in response to all that has happened recently, I have decided we should go a step further.

I think we should let our kids run the country.

Think about it:  Hopefully they will still be at an innocent point in their lives when the racism that's taught by the older generations hasn't quite taken hold yet.  They know that if you do something wrong, there will be consequences (unlike most adults).  They still have empathy for others, can't stand bullying, and can probably do math much better than most of the people we elect now.

To me this makes perfect sense.

I would much rather watch a speech by a kid who gets down to business rather than an adult who never actually answers a direct question.  Voting would get down to basics - no more big words we don't understand or hidden policies that mean we thought we were voting for one thing, but it turns out we voted for something else.  I bet music and art would be back in the schools within a matter of weeks.  The air would be cleaner because no one is more afraid of Global Warming than our kids.

I'm ready for leadership that has to use a stool to reach the podium, who ends each day with a root beer float, and sleeps with a teddy bear.

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